About Us

About SSN

Social Services Network (SSN) is a Not- for profit Charitable organization serving seniors in the Greater Toronto and York Region for the last fifteen years. Our humble beginnings started in 2002; caring for our community by servicing gaps in York Region's needs. SSN’s vision is to enhance the health and quality of life of the multicultural diverse community, to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the community at large through partnering with other service providers. At SSN, we strive to empower, support and encourage our seniors to live an independent and enriched life. We Work effortlessly with our Funders, Community Partners, Sponsors and Caregivers to ensure that our seniors feel integrated into a cultural and linguistically responsive environment through our programs and services.

Clients attending our programs reside in Greater Toronto and York-Simcoe Region. Currently, our programs are offered at the Social Service Hub, at various places of worships, drop in centers, community centers and seniors' organizations. Programs include Tai Chi, Zumba, Older Adult and Seniors Fitness classes, meditation and Laughing Yoga, Digital Empowerment, Peer to Peer, Health and Wellness, Muslim Women Empowerment, Community Kitchen, South Asian Adult Day Program, and Aging Positively Program. Our program includes variety of social, cognitive and recreational activities, crafts, outings, awareness and health education, nutritious and healthy snacks. At Social Services Network, we also provide our seniors with transportation services, housing referral support, Community Program referrals, Outreach and Informative Seminars.

All of our programs are facilitated by specially-trained staff members in multi-disciplinary teams. Our dedicated staff are resilient, responsive to change and dedicated to providing the best client centered service. As our programs and services are offered in several languages including English, Chinese, Urdu, Hindi, Tamil, Panjabi and Gujarati, our staff members are from diverse community to ensure that we meet the cultural and linguistic needs of the seniors we serve.

As a non-profit charitable organization, Social Services Network depends on the generosity of our donors. Majority of programs are funded by Federal & Provincial Governments, United Way, Central LHIN, and Ontario Trillium Foundation. It is evident that there is a need to increase programs and services for frail and isolated seniors. With more sponsors, donors and funders support, Social Service Network will be able to achieve its powerful mission of empowering seniors to lead an enriched life.