Why Donate to SSN

As a not-for-profit charitable organization, SSN depends on the generosity of our donors and our communities. Donated funds are used to enhance and develop our services and to enrich the health and wellness of our seniors and caregivers each year.

SSN offers services to the seniors through programs and services funded by United Way of York Region/Greater Toronto, Region of York, City of Markham, different levels of Governments, Status of Women Canada and Ontario Women’s Directorate. However, these funding does not fully cover our costs. Many seniors come to SSN for help and sometimes we turn them away due to lack of funds and limited resources. Your generous donation will provide our seniors and caregivers with an opportunity to participate in programs and services that they deserve to lead a healthy and dignified life. Therefore we invite you to invest in your community by making an informed decision to invest in SSN through our Aging Positively Campaign.

In return to your generous contribution to our campaign, we offer you:

Ways to donate:

Please Contact Naz Arain 905 554 9033 ext 227