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About Us


Clients from Peer 2 Peer Program

  • “I started this program because I was very lonely at home and sometimes very lazy. Coming to SSN and the Peer 2 Peer program allows me to feel energized and I am happy to meet new people as well.”
  • “I look forward to coming to Peer 2 Peer every week because the exercise that is delivered fits my needs. Most of them I can do at home, but since I enjoy the company of others, I like to come here on a weekly basis and have conversations with people from my community and other.”
  • “At home, it’s just me and my husband and it gets lonely sometimes. Coming to Peer 2 Peer makes to smile because I get to socialize with people who may be my age. The activities that have done are fun as well and I am happy to engage in them.”

Clients from Aging Positively

  • “My feelings prior to coming to the program were very lonely and longing to meet my own culture anywhere. Now I am very positive. The program gives me a sense of belonging. It helps me have a happy and positive life. My health and mind is good. I am spiritually empowered.”
  • “I laugh and share happiness and we avoid being alone by coming here. As a widow this is helping me.”
  • “I like to meet people from other cultures and celebrate our festivals. SSN provides us with a platform to celebrate all cultures and festivals and to learn to listen to others and their experiences.”
  • “I feel energized and motivated. I plan to continue to come to SSN to maintain my healthy lifestyle.”
  • “Before joining SSN I was depressed and did not know what to do. A friend recommended SSN to me. Since I joined, I feel like I am improving my mental health.”
  • “This program has helped me broaden my perspective. I have developed a sense of appreciation for the different perspectives. I have now friends who have come from other countries.”

Clients from Peer Mentorship Program

  • “It made me fell fit in body and mind.”
  • “I made new friends I can talk to when I meet them out shopping.”
  • “I just retired and have a place to go to...I was home and depressed before.”
  • “I love laughing with my friends and I feel healthy and hearty.”

Clients & Caregiver from South Asian Adult Day Program (SAADP)

  • “This is my oxygen for the week.”
  • “It is so nice to speak my own language to new friends.”
  • “This is my one day of recuperation.” (- Caregiver)
  • “The Social Services Network is providing excellent programs to Educate and give Information to the seniors on various subjects, importantly on Health Issues. Otherwise, we seniors are living on our own in this Seniors Home, and who would come and give us this kind of services. Also this way we seniors living here at Anand Bhavan, have become more socialized, interacts with others and o have started meeting at tea time discussing about the program Social Services Network is providing. We also have attended SSN’s Day Trips and had fun. The Seniors are looking forward for the day you are coming.” (SSN Community Mobilizers)
  • “The best activity I enjoy and feel it is important for a senior is “Mind Activity” you do with us, playing Bingo, Card Games and Memory Games. We seniors need that the most so we keep our mind active and prevent Alzheimer’s or Dementia. If I can’t remember or communicate with others I won’t be able to live alone in this Seniors Home”
  • “My family members, i.e. my son, my daughter-in- law both work and when they come home they are tired and expect food to be ready and house to be cleaned. My grandchildren go to school and when they come home they want food quickly because they are hungry. So I am home all day everyday working for my family. When I found out about the Seniors Drop-In Centre for Punjabi speaking people, I joined and attend the session every Thursday afternoon. I quickly cook that morning and keep everything ready for my family so I have to the time to go to the centre. I love being at the centre with all my friends. We share our problems and talk about issues facing them too. We do Yoga there and celebrate our birthdays and cultural events, such as Kalsa Day and Diwali. I do not feel isolated and know that other women are also going through the same issues as I am. We all talk in Punjabi, understand each other and are very happy to have SSN support us with staff members who also understands Punjabi and our cultural needs”