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Senior Advisory Committee

The Senior Advisory Council will be responsible for providing guidance and recommendations to SSN Board and Staff on the on-going issues Seniors face in the community as well as the needs for improvement in our programs and services.

The Advisory Council will consist of 8 community members, appointed by SSN Board and the Executive Director. Members will be selected based on their knowledge, expertise, community experience and ability to attend meetings. One of the Advisory Council member will be a SSN Board Member. This Advisory Council will reflect the diversity of our community. Council members are expected to commit to meeting six times a year.

The Seniors Advisory Council will act as a liaison to enrich and enhance the lives of seniors within Greater Toronto, York and Simcoe Region.

Council members will be expected to:
A. To act as a public forum for issues affecting seniors
B. Provide recommendations based on input received from the community and SSN staff to improve the effectiveness of the programs and services
C. Identify senior’s barriers to accessing services in the community
D. Liaison with the community members, different levels of the government to educate, and improve the quality of seniors life
E. Adhere to further responsibilities as the role of the Council develops


There are many volunteering opportunities available with Social Services Network! Volunteers can choose to volunteer their time with our seniors based on availability, skills and interest. Social Services Network welcomes volunteers from diverse communities to join our programs.

Please note: Social Services Volunteer must:

If you are interested in a volunteer position with seniors in one of our program, please fill out the form below and send it to our e-mail us at or call Naz Arain at 905-554-9033 Ext 227

Student Field Placement

Social Services Network accepts Student Placement requests. If you are interested in completing your student placement with our organization, please e-mail us at or call Naz Arain at 905-554-9033 Ext 227