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Welcome to Social Services Network

Our staff members work effortlessly with Community Partners, Funders, Sponsors and Caregivers to ensure that our clients feel integrated into a cultural and linguistically responsive environment through our programs and services.

Our Values


We are committed to serving with empathy and care


We strive to consistently exceed client’s expectations


We ensure accountability through due diligence and transparency


We provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment for clients, staff and volunteers

Our volunteers are an integral part of our team; they support our aging community to age with dignity. Becoming a volunteer contributes to your own positive health, the community you live in, and the organization and the people you’re helping to serve.

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Everything You Need to Know About Aging In Place

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Promoting mental health and well-being

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Client Testimonial

After joining the Aging Positively program, I started to regain my happiness. I loved meeting new people and made many friends. It helped me release my mind from the worries of life. I am really happy and the days that I do not come, I do not feel the same.

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Did You Know?

The risk of developing a disability in activities of daily living decreased by 43% over an average of 5 years for each additional social activity engaged in; the risk of mobility disability decreased by 31% (James et al., 2011)


Our partners are our lifeblood. They understand the need, and they are a crucial part of the solution. They volunteer; they drive change; they help us win.

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Fun Facts

"Growing old is mandatory, but growing up is optional!" - Walt Disney