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We strive to empower senior to

lead an enriched life through: social engagementeducationawarenesspromotion of physical well-beingpromotion of mental well-being

Join us in the 100 campaign, a year-long journey to bring 100 seniors home to their families.

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Welcome to Social Services Network

We are a Non- Profit Organization serving seniors in the Greater Toronto, York and Simcoe Region. We strive to empower seniors to lead an enriched life through social engagement, education, awareness, promotion of physical & mental well-being. Our staff members work effortlessly with Community Partners, Funders, Sponsors and Caregivers to ensure that our clients feel integrated into a cultural and linguistically responsive environment through our programs and services.

Our Values

We are a Not- for profit Charitable organization serving seniors in the Greater Toronto and York Region for the last fifteen years. Our humble beginnings started in 2002; caring for our community by servicing gaps in York Region’s needs. SSN’s vision is to enhance the health and quality of life of the multicultural diverse community, to deliver culturally and linguistically appropriate services to the community at large through partnering with other service providers.


We are committed to serving with empathy and care


We strive to consistently exceed client’s expectations


We ensure accountability through due diligence and transparency


We provide a safe, positive and nurturing environment for clients, staff and volunteers

Volunteer in the campaign, a year-long journey to help seniors in Greater Toronto, York and Simcoe Region.

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Did You Know?

“Older adults who participated on a daily or weekly basis in social activity had a 40% reduced risk of developing dementia compared those who were not socially engaged.”