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About Social Services Network

Social Services Network (SSN) has made great strides in establishing roots and supporting communities living in GTA and York Region since inception in 2002. Under the new strategic direction, SSN is now focusing and delivering programs and services to older adults and seniors. Our programs and services are delivered to clients through diverse, linguistic and ethno cultural framework. As a not for profit organization, SSN’s objective is to create an inclusive society where the dignity of our aging population is maintained through promotion of independence, social inclusion and volunteerism.

Our Vision

Empowered and Dignified Seniors Reaching their Fullest Potential

Our Mission

To Enable and Support Seniors to Lead an Enriched Quality of Life

Meet the Staff

Board of Directors



Adil Mawani Chairman

Samara Doobay Secretary

Ahmed Khalid Shethwala Treasurer


Diamond Tharani Member

Naushad Hirji Founder

Nizar Moosa Member

Year in Review

Social Services Network has stepped up the work to enable the aging community to feel of sense of respect, dignity and belonging.

Thanks to you, we have not only increased our resources and capacity to respond to the evolving needs of our seniors and older adults; we have also intensified our advocacy and influencing work in the community.

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Download Financial Statement (PDF)

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We are learning to deal with a lot of emotions through this program. The one about self-esteem last week was useful and it helped us to know how to deal with compliments and how we tend to think irrationally in so many situations. I was surprised at how we do not see our own strengths. I like the format of the program. It is very interactive, and everyone gets an opportunity to voice their opinions. Client

Did You Know?

Among older adults with depression, those who were highly socially active were over 2.5 times more likely to have improvements in their depressive symptoms 2 years later than those with low social activity (Isaac et al., 2009)

Fun Facts

“For the unlearned, old age is winter; for the learned, it is the season of the harvest.” - Hasidic saying